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Tag archives for Orchards

Family Transforms Weedy 1.5 Acre Lot into Fruitful Organic Farm

John from [removed] goes on a field trip to Blue Horizon Farm, a 1.5 acre farm that practices biointensive, organic and veganic growing …2037


permaculture subtropical fruit suburb backyard 3

permaculture subtropical fruit suburb backyard food forest,, suburban, high density, companion planting, sustainable, organic, no-till, green, polyculture, …61


Permaculture Gardens in May

Number one in a series of nine short videos shot at Bealtaine Cottage Ireland, featuring the production gardens, orchards, compost heaps, tunnel, compost toilet …135


Rainwater swale for fruit trees – Desert Permaculture

Update to my rainwater fruit tree project where I use some permaculture techniques to water my fruit trees. Hopefully you might be able to incorporate something …346


Swales Permaculture waffle garden in peach orchard heavy mulching

Permiculture Swales in between peach tree orchard in North Texas. Planted Albert wallflowers and melons and pumpkins. Heavy mulch back to Eden method.214


roots; art of fire; permaculture goals; projects; dryer vent; wofati 0.7; woodworking; orchards

Get The Art of Fire Free: [removed] Book Promotion for Roots Demystified: [removed] D.Logan’s Post about How to …159


PART 2: ZONE 9B FOOD FOREST | Central Florida Permaculture Tour

Part 2 of our Orchard tour.736


7 Ways To Make Money In Permaculture

Here are seven different ways you can make a living with a permaculture farm. There are also 2 additional case studies of small farmers who have successfully …240


The Permaculture Orchard Beyond Organic OFFICIAL TRAILER

permaculture Permaculture is a branch of ecological design, ecological engineering, environmental design, construction and integrated water resources …86


Guy McPherson's Orchard International Permaculture Day 2017

Guy McPherson on ‘growing local’ for International Permaculture Day 2017. See related video: Guy McPherson from Nature Bats . Guy McPherson on ‘growing …247