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Tag archives for Orchards

Companion planting in a small productive urban garden. Sustainable Gardening Australia

Angelo Eliades shows how to grow fruit and veggies intensively in a small backyard forest garden using ecological principles and companion planting.554


New Zealand Permaculture Orchard, Plums, Apples, Lemons etc

A wee walk around an orchard I have applied my hand to six months ago. Its not perfect but the trees are happy and producing now. Nothing like a bit of old …177


High Density Fruit Tree Growing

A visit to the Fair Oaks Horticulture Center’s fruit tree orchard.185


permaculture subtropical fruit suburb backyard

permaculture subtropical fruit suburb backyard food forest,, suburban, high density, companion planting, sustainable, organic, no-till, green, polyculture, …288


How to Grow Ginger for Profit in a Food Forest "Living Permaculture" Episode 3

To learn more about How to Grow Ginger for Profit in a Food Forest click here: [removed] Agroforestry has become my greatest passion on …735


Home Grown Big * Permaculture Food Forest * 2015 Pt2

Here is the front orchard, persimmons, figs, cherries, teaberry, bees, and so much more!338


Overview of Plant Polycultures with Michael Phillips

Michael examines a pear, mullein, elecampagne, dandelion, valerian polyculture. Part of day long intensive of practical orchard health offered at D Acres May 19 …617


S02E01 – William Horvath – How to Setup a Resilient Permaculture Farm

Topic: How to Set up a Resilient Permaculture Farm In a world where extreme weather events, looming financial crises and stupid politicians are the norm rather …5131


Miracle Farms, a 5 acre commercial permaculture orchard in Southern Quebec, Canada



1 Acre Home Orchard in South Florida Yields Over a Thousand of Pounds of Tropical Fruit a Year

John from [removed] goes on a field trip to a 1 acre residential property that produces over a thousand of pounds of fruit a year in this …1056