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Tag archives for Gardens

Our Permaculture Life: Sunshine Coast Edible Oasis – Morag Gamble

Morag Gamble visits the Yandina Community Gardens (Winter 2016) in the Sunshine Coast, QLD Australia and explores the abundant permaculture plants and …571


Food Forest Veggies. Growing Vegetables in a Permaculture Garden

Open canopy vegetable gardening, consecutively growing spring to summer to fall crops. Square Foot Gardening meets Companion Planting and Permaculture.413


The Power of Permaculture | Ryan Harb | TEDxUtica

Ryan Harb shares his experience creating the first Public University Permaculture Garden in the nation and explains how we can use permaculture to empower …1074


Home grown vegetable garden, small permaculture garden

Low-cost, small-scale or mini vegetable gardening at home. Grow 20 varieties of vegetables and edible plants within a small space, using compost and …391


New Zealand Permaculture-GrassRoutes Garden Tips Episode 1 (Re-vamping Raised beds the EASY way)

Hi, heres a video we at GrassRoutes produced to show how easy it is to revamp an old garden bed or two. Efficiently and focusing on maximum yield for little …494


Permaculture Garden Plans

Permaculture Garden Plans. Part of the series: Garden Planning and Designing. Permaculture-based garden plans allow you to give back to the environment …156


Cold Climate Permaculture – The start of my garden 2015

The start of my permaculture garden. Located in Oslo, Norway. Visit my homepage for more info: www.coldclimategarden.com.371


Permaculture Inspired Backyard Food Garden California – April 2015

A quick tour of what’s growing in one of the beds in my polyculture permaculture-inspired backyard food garden: California poppies, crimson clover, broccoli, …310


Good and beautiful Permaculture garden in Ecovillage



Permaculture Paradise: Permaculture Garden Created at Rethreaded in Jacksonville FL

Val and her Val-unteers create a permaculture garden and explain their techniques and philosophies. Watch her new video of her own homestead permagarden …1982