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Tag archives for Gardens

The Garden – The Permaculture Song

The Garden, a new animation series. To introduce the concept, here is a song about Permaculture. Music by David Griswold …190


Australian Permaculture Garden

Featured On: [removed] – Greenfingers Takes Us to the Australian Permaculture Garden of Charles Ottway, where they discuss herbs, fruit …209


Permaculture Tip of the Day – Keyhole Mandala Garden

Nicholas Burtner goes over the reason why to create a keyhole and mandala garden, their functions, basic construction, and a strategy for planting. Here is the …705


How to make a permaculture circle garden



Permaculture Garden Bealtaine Cottage in the West of Ireland

Featured On: [removed] In the Irish county of Roscommon, Colette O’Neil has planted hundreds of trees, shrubs, perrenials and …340


Permaculture Food Forest Tour – Part 2 Terrace Garden 5/10/2016

Here is there terraced garden in the back corner of the property where I grew cherokee pumpkins last year and is becoming wild invasive permaculture!!!!!. There …414


6 Benefits for Having A Permaculture Pond For Your Garden

The six benefits include Pest Management, Escape, Aquaculture,Flood Irrigation, Microclimate and Biomass for having a permaculture pond for your garden.224


Our Permaculture Life: Sunshine Coast Edible Oasis – Morag Gamble

Morag Gamble visits the Yandina Community Gardens (Winter 2016) in the Sunshine Coast, QLD Australia and explores the abundant permaculture plants and …571


Food Forest Veggies. Growing Vegetables in a Permaculture Garden

Open canopy vegetable gardening, consecutively growing spring to summer to fall crops. Square Foot Gardening meets Companion Planting and Permaculture.413


The Power of Permaculture | Ryan Harb | TEDxUtica

Ryan Harb shares his experience creating the first Public University Permaculture Garden in the nation and explains how we can use permaculture to empower …1074