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Full Permaculture Gardens Walk…and a Big Surprise Find!

Walking 3 acres of Permaculture Gardens at the smallholding of Bealtaine Cottage, Ireland. Look at what myself and Jack discovers in the Bog Garden!1942


July Update: Urban Permaculture Garden

This is a long video but I’m sure some Florida gardeners and permaculture enthusiasts will like to see how I grow an abundance of organic food in a small urban …1630


"Permaculture Trio" — Forest Gardening, Edible Landscapes & Urban Permaculture

This video consists of three mini-documentaries: 1. (0:12) FOREST GARDENING with Robert Hart Find out loads about what forest gardening is, and how to …2887


Basic Tea Plants for a Permaculture Garden

Walk with Scott Pittman through his permaculture demonstration garden to learn about basic herbs that can be used for making your own tea mixes – and that …261


Permaculture Garden: Dragon Fruit Harvest

The guideline for harvesting dragon fruit or pitaya is: pick four days after it turns color (turns entirely from green). It has been four plus days and we will pick and …394


Urban Agroecoloy: 6,000 lbs of food on 1/10th acre – Urban Homestead – Urban Permaculture

Over 6000 pounds of food per year, on 1/10 acre located just 15 minutes from downtown Los Angeles. The Dervaes family grows over 400 species of plants, …519


A. Grow your own organic vegetables with permaculture. Part 1 of 4

Learn how to set up and manage an 6 bay, sustainable organic veggie/vegetable garden enclosure based on the permaculture principles of Bill Mollison.258


'Wild' Permaculture Forest Gardening

The Harland Family who founded Permaculture Magazine and permaculture publishing house, Permanent Publications, return to BBC2 with Alan Titchmarsh to …242


Permaculture Food Forest School Garden teach kids about Real Food

John from [removed] goes on a field trip to an inner city high school in Miami, Florida to share with you their permaculture food forest …3400


Florida Food Forest Garden – Permaculture