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Poultry In A Forest Garden – Permaculture Chickens, Ducks & More | TrollsNeedHugs

It’s a mid-summer update! See the flock for the first time. A frizzle bantam, 2 mottled pekin and 2 colombian pekin bantams, an australorp bantam, a sebright, …730


How to Establish a Permaculture Garden

Starting a permaculture garden can be simpler than you think! Learn how to start off right in this video from In this video we show you …504


Some Permaculture Principles To Help You Design Your Garden

More info here: [removed] Here are a few permaculture principles to help you …327


Rainwater Garden Project – Desert Permaculture 2015

A tour of my rainwater garden project where I use permaculture techniques to grow corn and squash in the desert with no supplemental irrigation. It’s a project …364


GGC – 67 – Expanding Our Permaculture Garden… With A Backhoe!

It’s time to build some new hugelkultur mounds in our garden so that they’ll be ready for planting in the spring. But after constructing the first one entirely by hand …1072


Urban Permaculture Garden

Geoff visits a Micro Urban Permaculture Garden in a High Density Sydney Suburb one year after Designing the Site .355


Permaculture Paradise: Val and Eli's Garden!

Val and Eli take us on a tour of their magical permagarden in Jacksonville FL. They have created a wonderful, natural space filled with self-sustaining fruits, …2905


Growing and Using Comfrey – Perfect Plant for Permaculture Vegetable Gardening

If there was one plant I would grow more of, it would be comfrey. In this video I tell you how comfrey is grown and also demonstrate how to use comfrey as a …440


Permaculture in Canada – An Urban garden Part 1

This is part 1 of our 1/2 acre garden in Olds Alberta. We have established fruit trees, berry bushes, veggie gardens, composting system and perennial flowers …566


Natural Farming, The Permaculture Garden

The food forest is doing well producing a lot of food, and I give you a walkthrough of all the trees we have planted so far.1067