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New Zealand Permaculture-GrassRoutes Garden Tips Episode 1 (Re-vamping Raised beds the EASY way)

Hi, heres a video we at GrassRoutes produced to show how easy it is to revamp an old garden bed or two. Efficiently and focusing on maximum yield for little …494


Morag Gamble – "Goodbye Garden Pests" Permaculture



No-Tilling, Direct Seeding, Microclimate #Permaculture #Garden

Doing it all here, utilizing microclimates to start spring veggies early and, getting annual and biennial flowers direct seeded. Open canopy veggie gardening.195


Permaculture Resort Garden Winter 2017 Update

The quiet before the storm. The weather system of the highest severity is to hit the southern California area the following day. Almost 5-inches of rain has been …1142


Full Permaculture Gardens Walk…and a Big Surprise Find!

Walking 3 acres of Permaculture Gardens at the smallholding of Bealtaine Cottage, Ireland. Look at what myself and Jack discovers in the Bog Garden!1942


Permaculture Garden: Dragon Fruit Harvest

The guideline for harvesting dragon fruit or pitaya is: pick four days after it turns color (turns entirely from green). It has been four plus days and we will pick and …394


GGC – 67 – Expanding Our Permaculture Garden… With A Backhoe!

It’s time to build some new hugelkultur mounds in our garden so that they’ll be ready for planting in the spring. But after constructing the first one entirely by hand …1072


Some Permaculture Principles To Help You Design Your Garden

More info here: [removed] Here are a few permaculture principles to help you …327


Permaculture Paradise: Unity Garden Permaculture Garden Delights!

Permaculture is an agricultural science that is organic, sustainable, restorative, nutritious, healthy, flavorful, and natural, growing fruits, vegetables, herbs, and …1766


A Tour of the Doublewide Oasis: Central AZ Backyard Permaculture Garden ft. Dog Holes

A first-frost tour of my wanna-be desert permaculture garden in Rimrock, Arizona, featuring frost hardy and frost tolerant trees, shrubs, and flowers. This garden is …908