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Permaculture Miracle Farms, a 5 acre commercial permaculture orchard in Southern Quebec, Canada

Permaculture is a branch of ecological design, ecological engineering, environmental design, construction and integrated water resources management for …546


Permaculture Tip of the Day – Vegetable Washing, Worm Farm, & Probiotic Station

Nicholas Burtner is in Victoria, British Columbia with Ann and Gord Baird of Eco-Sense and Ann shows us her multi-functional vegetable washing / worm farm …297


Dry Land Permaculture ( Our Farm in Qatif,Saudi Arabia)

Dry land Permaculture PDC , in Qatif , Saudi Arabia .716


BEST PERMACULTURE MODEL ORCHARD Miracle Farms, a 5 acre commercial ORCHARD in Southern Quebec, Ca

Of all permaculture orchards, this is the best so far.543


Permaculture Keyline Water Systems: Tom Ward @ Wolf Gulch Farm

Permaculture Elder Tom Ward takes us on a 10 minute animated tour of Wolf Gulch Farm in Southern Oregon, USA. It was designed using Permaculture …643


stinging nettle as a farm crop – permaculture!

[removed] Michael "Skeeter" Pilarski is a popular permaculture instructor well known as a first class wildcrafter. Skeeter shows off a patch of …136


Permaculture – Orange Tree Food Forest, Natural Farming, NO CHEMICALS!!!

This is a natural edible food forest on 1 acre. It can be done with NO CHEMICALS and little space. THIS IS AN EDIBLE PARADISE!!! A natural life support system …454


The Permaculture Student visits a Mushroom Farm

Learn more at: ThePermacultureStudent.com.311


Pigs in the No-Till Permaculture System

Josh describes how pigs help us in transforming forest to gardens. www.DAcres.org D Acres is a non-profit Permaculture Farm & Educational Homestead …559


How To Build A Pond For Permaculture Farming

Digging a pond for irrigation and raising livestock can be helpful for all farmers and gardeners, but if you don’t have the right liner at the bottom of your pond then …150

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