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Permaculture Self Sustaining Farms (Organic)

Farm owners such as Rainbow Valley Farm share about their permaculture self sustaining farms. They discuss the process from the start of surveying and …4725


Farming the Woods: Temperate Forest Farming & Permaculture Strategies

This video is for a campaign to support forest farming case studies for an upcoming book by Ken Mudge and Steve Gabriel. Learn more about it at …238


Food Forest Tour at Sandhill Farm: A Bird's Eye View

Aerial Footage of our 6+Acre Ecological Farming Demonstration Site in Spring Hill, FL. We use permaculture principles that mimic nature’s ecosystems to create …451


Permaculture Underground Pipe Worm Farm

Permaculture Underground Pipe Worm Farm [removed] Worm farming and …311


Off the Grid Permaculture Farm in the Jungle of Costa Rica

John from [removed] goes on a field trip to Punta Mona Center for Regenerative Design & Botanical Studies for a week long retreat.3025


Permaculture Farm in Morocco @ Dar Slaouia Farms (Casablanca) HD

Bio Medina takes you on a tour @ Dar Slaouia permaculture farm in the outskirts of Casablanca city, Combining ancient farming techniques and cutting edge …92


Chef Buys Organic Permaculture Farm to Grow his own Living Pantry

John from [removed] goes on a field trip to Three Sisters Farm in Homestead, Florida to share with you this Certified Organic …3292


Nammalvar's Permaculture

Nammalavar: For the realistic portrayal of an experiment in permaculture in Tamil Nadu with the message to change one’s perspective towards land, for its …1227


Ridgedale Permaculture

A 20 minute overview of how we’re regenerating this small farm up at 59 degrees in Sweden www.ridgedalepermaculture.com Have you read our highly …1406


Masanobu Fukuoka's Natural Farm | Ehime Prefecture | Nature Farms

Masanobu Fukuoka’s Natural Farm | Ehime Prefecture | Nature Farms Natural farming is an ecological farming approach established by Masanobu Fukuoka …3657