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Life is Good ~ sustainable living ~ Documentary in Eng.&日本語

日本語サブタイトルは、画面右下、左から2番目のボタン ”Subtitles/CC" をクリックして下さい☆ Contents: Permaculture / Self-build / Community living / Visions.2388


David Holmgren International Permaculture Day 2017

Interview with David Holmgren on ‘growing local’ by Director Peter Charles Downey for International Permaculture Day 2017. This interview was released on .552


L'agroécologie, initiatives en Australie, Inde et Japon (permaculture, agriculture biologique)

Un an de rencontres autour de l’agroécologie, à travers l’Australie, l’Inde et le Japon. Un rapide aperçu en 20 minutes en attendant d’autres vidéos …1294


Anima Mundi peak oil, climate change, permaculture and Gaia theory

Reupload I have had no part in creating this video, merely uploading it to conserve it.4673


INHABIT A Permaculture Perspective



UMass Permaculture Documentary Series – Part 1

The UMass Permaculture Initiative is a unique, cutting-edge sustainability program that converts unproductive grass lawns on campus into ecological, socially …354


Permaculture Project A System for Sustainable Life BBC Interesting Documentary Films

Permaculture Project A System for Sustainable Life BBC Interesting Documentary Films ############### documentary life inside the maximum security prison …2402


Sustainable Permaculture Garden Farm Project – Growing 1000 pounds of organic food for Dining Halls

Students from various colleges, local communities, kids and people gather together for Sustainable Permaculture Project where a plot of land grows over 1000 …920


#1 What if we change – Hope in a Changing Climate by John D. Liu

A major project is restoring fertility and hope to China’s Loess Plateau, until recently one of the poorest regions of the country. Centuries of continuous agriculture …1766


Permaculture Ecovillage in Spain With Creative Solutions To Adverse Weather

Featured on: [removed] – Tour of an permaculture ecovillage built by another group of Spaniards. Most of the structures were built by hand, …440