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What is the Permaculture Design Certificate? Q&A with Nick Ritar and Brendan Morse

Join the event here [removed] to ask questions. The 2 week intensive Permaculture Design Certificate …2224


Micro Space Permaculture Design – The Next Video Coming From Geoff Lawton

[removed] Many people came to the view based on some of the first videos that permaculture was only for large properties, …75


Episode 72 The Food Production Podcast Part 7 Permaculture Design

1. Living mulches and cover crops 2. Food forests 3. Plant communities (guilds) 4. Edibles in the landscape 5. Windbreaks and noise breaks 6. Wild areas 7.1796


PermaCulture Design – The Permacube

How to create a life of abundance for our grandkids and beyond. The PermaCube is the most efficient and diversified food water, and energy production system …455


Pacific Permaculture Design Certificate

Jesse Lemieux talks about the meaning of Permaculture.331


Permaculture Design Course Sept 17-25, 2016

With Instructors Bill & Becky Wilson from Midwest Permaculture Sign up here: [removed] Sept 17-25, 2016 at Dancing Rabbit Ecovillage …164


Does a PERMACULTURE DESIGN CERTIFICATE course change your life?



Ben Falk Homestead – Permaculture Design Course – Part 2

As part of the permaculture design course that I took in August of 2015, we got to go visit Ben Falk’s homestead a couple times. Ben’s homestead is a really …118


Episode 66 The Food Production Podcast (Part 4 Permaculture Design)

1. Features of Good Permaculture Design 2. Garden Bed Design 3. Hugelkultur 4. Keyhole Beds 5. Sun Traps 6. Polyculture Plantings 7. Edge.832


permaculture design for Geoff Lawton's PDC

permaculture design from Clint Locklear for 2015 PDC for Geoff Lawton.1727