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Potager Parisien BIO 1er mai 2017

Evolution du Potager Parisien Bio du 1er mai 2017.183


10 Food Forests and Permaculture

Scenario 300, Making Climate Cool! How We Can Bring Atmospheric Carbon Down . . . from 400 ppm to 300 ppm in the nick of time! April 30, 2017, Washington, …3290


The making of a stream | permaculture water management

Frequent spring rains have kept the land Marsh and my gardens flooded. It is time to dig the permaculture swales deeper. This is the start of the formation of a …277


Tropical Cyclone Debbie effect at Zaytuna Farm the home of The Permaculture Research Institute

Tropical Cyclone Debbie and Zaytuna Farm.153


Que faire au jardin en Mai ? #permaculture #agroécologie

petit tuto pour apprendre les bases du jardinage en Mai. Semis , rempotage compostage, greffage tuteurage . les tomates, les aubergines , les courgettes , les …1197


The Garden – The Permaculture Song

The Garden, a new animation series. To introduce the concept, here is a song about Permaculture. Music by David Griswold …190


ITW Permaculture Design – Permaculture : Je perds ma culture, j'en construis une nouvelle

Aurélie et Benjamin de Permaculture Design nous partagent leur vision de l’autonomie… une réponse clairvoyante enrichie par des expériences personnelles …181


Using a Drone in Permaculture Design

The newest addition to our consulting toolbox is a DJI 4 drone. Come along with Rob on this video as he demonstrates how useful this tool is for mapping …238


La Permaculture: Utopie Passagère ou Solution Pragmatique? (Marrakesh Organics)

L’exode des populations rurales vers les villes continue sans relâche à peu près partout dans le monde. En parallèle, un petit contre-courant existe.5845


Permaculture raised beds, design, funtion and cool to look at

Interesting way to make raised beds. If you would like to try these , Chip Davis is your man. 662-515-6802 or [removed]310

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